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  • Daily Maintenance Of Down Jacket

    1, The dry cleaning The down jacket can be dry-cleaned if indicated. It can be dry-cleaned when the down jacket has serious stains, but it needs to be sent to a professional dry cleaner to clean, so as to avoid damage to the down jacket caused by unqualified or inferior dry cleaning procedures an...
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  • The Characteristics Of Different Versions Of Women’S Down Jackets

    Type A Type A clothing profile is characterized by the coat and coat with no waist, or slightly waist line, and wide hem. It can just highlight the thin upper body or waist, but also cover your belly, visually achieve the effect of slimming, hide the body defects. The overall outline is simple an...
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  • The Importance Of Customization

    Advantages customized according to customer requirements: 1. Optional price: customers can customize the styles at the corresponding price according to their consumer groups, so as to better grasp the profit space. 2. Fabric optional: custom can freely and flexibly choose the fabric used by the c...
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