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Beijing Qinghuahaichuang Foreign Trade Clothing Co., Ltd.

We are a strong clothing export company, the company engaged in foreign trade export business for many years, has a professional research and development team, mainly in research and development, manufacture, management of young fashion men and women cotton jacket, down jacket. Our company combines the needs of customers with the design, technology and fabrics of clothing, and constantly introduces clothes that meet the personalized characteristics of customers, and adjusts them according to the actual needs of customers (such as: styles, special processes, fabrics... ).

Now basically all buyers have such annoyance, that is, it is difficult to find a reliable, mutually beneficial long-term partner. Often, regardless of the quantity, any buyer wants to work directly with the manufacturer to minimize the purchase cost. But competition in today's market isn't just about price. Each buyer strives to present a unique product that is suitable for the buyer. But traditional processing plants are unable to offer such services to the competition. In view of this, our company is now set in production and research and development in one business model, can provide you with the following services:

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1. Offer our own brand of products in stock.

2.Adjust and produce our own products according to buyer's requirements.

3.Develop and produce new products according to buyer's requirements.

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Over the years, our company for Russia, Türkiye, Ukraine and many other well-known enterprises to provide nearly 10 million men and women down jacket, cotton-padded jacket, windbreaker, singlet and so on. With superior product quality, timely delivery date and thoughtful service, has won the praise and trust of customers.

Product development and exhibition hall is located in Beijing. In addition, our company has a permanent representative of Russia in Moscow, and can discuss cooperation matters and product details at any time at your convenience.

We continue to expand the scale of production and operation at the same time, but also continue to improve production efficiency, product quality, fully support the growth of employees. The company has a number of outstanding fashion designers, a number of professional management team, A group of strict screening of the operation of the workers, we uphold the professional, attentive, dedicated business philosophy, relying on excellent management team, outstanding innovative spirit of enterprise, to provide customers with quality products and good service.

We will update the relevant industry information in the news interface, update the latest clothing R & D results in the product interface, and related product introductions.

If you are interested in us, welcome your message.