A few days ago, the industry authority PANTONE (Pantone) released the 2024 year representative color – soft Peachy (Peach fuzz).

Soft peach always makes people think of women's softness, like the natural color of the skin, with a light luster and wonderful, the years are quiet.

 According to the official description, this is a soft color between pink and orange, emitting a comfortable, warm atmosphere, fresh and elegant, is a sensual color that can heal the heart.  It can be reminiscent of peach with thin skin and thick meat and popping juice at one bite. Layers upon layers, sending out intoxicating fragrance of roses roses.  Or sunset, the most healing sky gradient orange powder.

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At first glance, doesn't it look good?  However, this pink, orange not orange color, not surprisingly triggered a large-scale discussion and "second creation" among netizens, most of the stations "food pie" said, this is shrimp color, salmon color, grapefruit color, sesame peach color. There is also a lot of inspiration to say that this is the bottom of autumn clothes, Lingna Belle color.

Small use can be understood, large range? Even wear the upper body and how, some people will definitely feel that our yellow skin meets orange color system will only line people more yellow, appear color is not good. But I took a look, these years of T stage, Ming Sing Street shoot have appeared. This is our model Liu Wen's demonstration: soft peaches, colour as its name, low degree of saturation, lukewarm and soft, with peace of mind, calm, pleasant effect.

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And everyone often mentioned Morandi color is similar to the wonderful, belongs to "into the attack can retreat can defend," usually do not make public, but the material, tailoring selected a very outstanding color.

This "soft peach" has even become the dress color of many important red carpet actresses.

In fact, the latest 2024 spring and summer show of major brands has frequently appeared "soft peach," or similar orange color. Throughout this gentle "soft peach" is most suitable for large areas of the skirt. Tulle + lace, is another kind of lightness, there is a different sexy taste.

Want to be different, you can also add sequins material, in the sun shining, the model like the incarnation of a mermaid just ashore.  Throughout the year, the most indispensable printing, three-dimensional flower elements, plus eyeful pink orange background, the person wearing is a beautiful scenery, taking pictures is also easy to film.  In the past, dull, slightly boring suits, changed into this color, temperament greatly changed, wear to the party dinner is not against the law. Of course, in the big winter, no matter how colorful the design and cutting, but also more than a furry, is the touch of warmth, comfort, cure. Impingement color is definitely the most exciting visual effect of color play. The safest orange + black, such as Balmain, Mugler such majestic color matching.

Calm down, orange + gray, Alaia this set of outline coat with half skirt, is very suitable for the usual atmosphere full of female executives. To the warmer weather, orange + white, orange + blue, so fresh color collocation, let a person look at the mood is good, want to go on a vacation picnic.

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Post time: Jan-22-2024