Details determine quality

With the change of purchase demand of brands, retailers and consumers, the key details are updated, ushering in a new normal. Our designers will integrate more details into the clothes, bring comfort to daily life, and increase the fashion degree of single product. By updating the classic details, facing the avant-garde market.

Classic details are not immutable. Designers update the classic details to show different styles.

Pocket is the main accessory of clothing. It not only has practical function, but also has strong decorative function because it often lives in the obvious parts of clothing. For example, large pocket design, color collision, accessories collocation, details of pocket drawstring, processing design on the edge profile of pocket, trimming, loose edge or ribbon decoration, etc. All kinds of design give the pocket more freedom, diversified trend connotation, through these details show the trend of single product practical sense.

With the development of the trend, the logo of different materials has become a fashion element: military badge, woven mark, silica gel label, Academy style badge with simplicity and delicacy, detachable Velcro with fashion appearance. Through the use of different badges, designers inject new ideas into the style, play the role of embellishment, and show the characteristics and popularity of the style.

Metal materials often appear in clothing as accessories, and metal accessories often appear as the connecting parts of clothing in the form of various buttons, such as pins, eyelets, Japanese buttons, D buttons, chains, rivets and metal zippers. These metal decorations have a huge contrast with the fabric in terms of vision and feel. Because of the unique metallic luster, they add interest to the single product and make it more attractive. They are the finishing touch of the trend single product.

Embroidery and printing are also the details often used by designers. Based on a certain pattern and color matching, embroidery on a single product forms a plane or three-dimensional pattern decoration to highlight the exquisite handicraft style. Or the printing process into the single product, add a sense of design.

With the continuous improvement of consumers’ aesthetic, designers are also striving to break through, through the update of various details, to present updated and more fashionable pieces.

As a company with many years of development and production of autumn and winter coats, we have been striving to seek innovation, and strive to show the fashion sense of individual products through details.

It is our consistent goal to design novel and high-quality clothing for customers.

Details determine quality

Post time: Jul-07-2021