Maillard colors

Dress color is a university, there are a lot of courses need to be carefully studied, at the same time, color is also a direct impact on the overall sense of fashion and beauty of the key, can not be ignored!

Therefore, the fashion color is constantly changing every year, the summer "dopamine" heat has just faded, and the autumn and winter began to rise "Maillard" wear boom.

About "Maillard," perhaps a lot of people will be very curious about this foreign name, in the end is a kind of what kind of color, can amazing fashion circle? How to color more out of the circle? In the present period, we will explain one by one.

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I. What is a "Maillard" outfit?

Maillard Maillard, originally refers to a combination of food from raw to cooked, that is, steak, egg tarts, bread and other food heating from the occurrence of color changes.

It is not difficult to understand that "Maillard" is actually a brown system, which can be extended to mean the earth color, different shades of brown, showing a warm feeling, very suitable for autumn and winter.

 Maillard applied to clothing, retro brown calm fashion, casual lazy, looking at the own high sense, but also to enhance the texture of the clothing itself.

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2, "Maillard" 3 color matching ideas, fashionable and advanced

1 Mix and match the same color

The simplest and not easy to make mistakes in color matching is to match the "Maillard" color system with the whole body, the same color modeling vertical proportion, stretching vision can also play a significant high thin effect.

On the basis of the same color system, emphasize the contrast of clothing style to enrich the level, such as Maillard trench coat with pants, the summer single product and autumn and winter mix, the shape is more advanced.

Of course, you can also emphasize the texture of the fabric, so that the same color modeling will not appear so monotonous and boring. Maillard suit of corduroy material, with leather material Maillard beret and bag, the use of different materials to enhance the texture of the shape, a soft, beautiful and sa, fully show the beauty of women.

2 Maillard + Black + Red

Maillard is a relatively low-key calm color, in the color matching, can be similar to its style attributes of color and strong sense of contrast color collocation, strong visual impact, more rich sense of hierarchy.

The combination of Maillard pants and black jacket, collocation of red boots and bright lipstick, cold and warm combination, with red as an ornament, the whole more attractive.

Of course, red can also be presented in the form of a hat, Maillard color coat with black bags, and then wear a red hat as an ornament, the overall shape of the strong autumn and winter atmosphere, romantic and advanced.

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3 Combined with light.

Autumn and winter wear with color to grasp the sense of proportion, as well as the distribution of color. Maillard has a strong sense of autumn and winter atmosphere, and even the color of the fallen leaves are similar to it.

Therefore, in the collocation can be Maillard and bright color combination, such as brown lock leg pants with yellow sweater, bright colors have power, even black and yellow can also control.

In addition, Maillard color skirt and orange sweater collocation, in the visual impact of strong, can make up for the skin color is not white enough, suitable for Asian yellow, but also suitable for wheat color, black women, fashionable with advanced.

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III. Fashion Summary

Maillard wear a sudden burst of fire, leading the trend of autumn and winter, do not know what color to wear women, can try to wear Maillard, with a sense of high, the relaxation in the dress can be perfect!

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Post time: Jan-30-2024