The Characteristics Of Different Versions Of Women’S Down Jackets

Type A

Type A clothing profile is characterized by the coat and coat with no waist, or slightly waist line, and wide hem. It can just highlight the thin upper body or waist, but also cover your belly, visually achieve the effect of slimming, hide the body defects. The overall outline is simple and clear. The medium length A-type style has A better human body proportion segmentation effect, which can highlight the slender female leg. On the whole, A-type silhouette clothing will create an elegant, soft and youthful effect for women, which is more romantic and pure.

Type  H

H-type garment profile, also known as box profile, is characterized by straight up and down to form a rectangular contour, covering the curves of the chest, waist and hip, etc. No waist line, clean and neat version, presenting relaxed and elegant dynamic beauty, comfortable and casual. H-type clothing is very stylish on the whole. With the characteristics of straight up and down, it makes people look slender and good-looking, and reflects a variety of styles.

Type 0

O-type clothing profile is a popular profile that is hot in recent years. Overlook waist line, waist expansion highlights outline model, not exaggerated hemline and shoulder line, make the whole forms the effect of similar olive shape or silkworm cocoon, it is the indispensable joker sheet in winter to taste. Will let women appear very temperament, taste extraordinary; Or create a retro classic beauty. In addition, because of the expanded waist profile of cocoon clothing, it can play a good hiding effect, so cocoon clothing is relatively better to cover the defects of human body.

Type  X

The X is a basic winter wardrobe for fashionable women. X is through the shoulder (including chest) the ministry and the hem do transverse exaggeration, the waist is tightened, so that the overall appearance shows up and down part loose exaggerated, small model. It is very helpful to accentuate a woman’s waist line, and the way of dressing with a belt around the waist emphasizes the proportion and structure of the body, which is consistent with the graceful curves of the woman’s figure. So the X is the ladies’ winter and sought-after silhouette.

Post time: Mar-25-2021