The difference between down jacket and cotton jacket

In recent years, with the changes of the market, winter coats are also constantly pursuing renewal. In order to meet the different needs of consumers, there are various fillers with different materials, different warmth retention and different characteristics on the market.

A down jacket in winter can be said to be a necessity for getting through the cold. The down jacket we are familiar with is filled with down. The common down jackets on the market are duck down, that is, the down on the abdomen of ducks, in the shape of reed flowers. It doesn't feel as hard as a feather, but it's very light and soft, and there's no need to say more about its warmth. Of course, the price of high-quality down jacket will be relatively high, and sometimes there will be a little natural flavor of down.

Down content, fluffy degree and down filling amount are important indexes to judge the advantages and disadvantages of down products. Among them, fluffy degree is an important index to measure the quality of warmth preservation; The higher the fluffy degree, it means that a larger volume of air layer can be fixed for thermal insulation, so the better the thermal insulation.

Due to the high price of down clothing, cotton clothing of various materials has also appeared on the market. At present, down cotton and DuPont cotton are more common.

Down cotton and DuPont cotton have delicate, soft, good heat preservation, not easy to deform and will not penetrate silk. There will be no lack of warmth, peculiar smell and hair after washing.

Moreover, after encountering water, it can still basically maintain its shape, so it still has thermal insulation characteristics. After being wet, it can dry quickly;

The most intuitive difference between them and down is the price. Down can only be collected from birds, and the cost will be higher and higher, which will lead to a sharp rise in the price of the international down market, and naturally make down products more and more expensive. DuPont cotton and down cotton can be industrialized, so the price is lower than down.

Customers can choose different fillers according to different consumer groups. In recent years, with the continuous updating of technology, the quality of fillers of various materials has been greatly improved. Whether it is down jacket or cotton jacket, the quality is guaranteed and can be purchased at ease.

Post time: Aug-11-2021