The importance of color application to clothing

Clothing color is the first impression of clothing sense, it has a strong attraction. Color and color matching constitute the basis of fashion design. In fashion design, color matching is the most basic and important factor.

Good use of color can not only bring people a strong visual impact, but also the soul of fashion design. It can be said that the use of color plays an irreplaceable role in fashion design.

Perfect color matching can show the commercial value of clothing:

With the continuous improvement of people’s aesthetic, designers use a wide range of design techniques in clothing. In order to better reflect the characteristics of clothing itself, we need to improve the added value of clothing to show its commercial value. Reasonable use of color in fashion design is the best factor to formally show the commercial value of clothing and stimulate people’s consumption desire. Color as one of the main factors affecting clothing sales, as long as a small amount of investment in color design, it can help clothing products to improve certain added value. Therefore, clothing design should give full play to the advantages of low cost and high profit of color application.

Designers will convey their feelings through the use of color

Strong color will make people have a strong visual impact, a garment only with suitable color can deepen people’s impression of clothing. People’s first impression of clothing mainly comes from color. The use of color is the link between designers and consumers. Using color as the carrier to convey designers’ feelings to consumers can increase consumers’ attention to products.

Color is easy to express emotion, at the same time, it can stimulate visual attention and quickly convey certain information. The color of clothing is to achieve the purpose of establishing commodity image through reasonable color matching. The color should be easy to recognize and remember, or use simple color combination to express the specific quality and personality style of goods. Reflect the strength of the business.

Designers often attach great importance to the decoration of clothing, for people of different ages, reasonable use of color, can play the role of modifying body shape, setting off skin color, improving temperament, but also can show the personal charm of the wearer.

Post time: Jul-14-2021