This time to choose a fashionable down jacket, it is easy to get up.

In recent years, the style of down jackets has increased, and people buying down jackets are not only seeking warmth, but also have higher requirements for styles. It is not difficult to wear a down jacket well, the key to good looks lies in the cold and demeanor, the scale and proportion between lightness and warmth.

Down jacket, be light!

Light, in color.

Forget dark colors and dream warm and light in cream.

Even if it is thick and long, it is like a light marshmallow, creamy and chic soft feeling, but also can bring a very light visual experience.

Light, in quilting.

The appearance of smooth, weakened the down jacket quilting division boundaries, not so expansive, naturally light up.

Or with a fine quilted split, with a smokescreen to make the down jacket look less fluffy.

Light, in length.

Fluffy down jackets continue to be popular, like a baked bread, soft and soft

However, its length is becoming shorter and shorter, so that with slim, light bottoms, there will be no heavy feeling.

Down jacket, to warm up!

Warm, in the fluffy degree.

Down jacket another landscape, shaped by the fluffy long down jacket. The fluffy down jacket that covers our buttocks completely wraps the parts we are most afraid of the cold.

When the body is warm, the posture will stretch, which is also a good look. With the help of the same color collocation, elastic combination and other classic ideas, good-looking degree will not be too bad

Warm, changes in the fabric

The warmth of the fabric is more sufficient, corduroy fabric, wool fabric, different textures also add a fashionable visual touch to the down jacket.

There are also airtight leather, which once again improves the wind insulation effect of the down jacket, and the fashion of leather has always been a recognized modeling tool.

Warm, in the plush details

Plush with a warm atmosphere, this year’s down jacket plush feeling is mainly reflected in the collar type and bag edge, many down jacket joined the plush lapel, as well as plush cuffs, hem.

The addition of these plush, can prevent the wind from the neckline, cuffs, hem channeling into, practical, while decorative is also very strong.

Down jacket, to be practical!

In some shows, you can see a lot of vest down.

It is the transition from early winter to deep winter real single product, giving the body intimate warmth, the impression is not fashionable.

But the fashionable essence gives us a lot of fashionable collocation reference, from color matching to collocation method, the exposed inner sleeve, but also more space to wear out the level of beauty.

On the practical basis, there are also fashionable “crossover” down jackets.

Designing a down jacket with a stronger sense of fashion has always been a wish that designers and we want to achieve.

This year, jacket down jacket, suit down jacket, windbreaker down jacket more, continue to enrich the down jacket family members.

However, the thermal performance of this type of down jacket is slightly worse, and it is necessary to make a choice based on the temperature of the area.

The design of the upper and lower parts takes into account the temperature difference between places. In addition, there is also a strap design, so that we can free our hands when indoor activities.

Finally, there are practical and stylish wear.

Whether it is a classic down jacket or a design down jacket, it is also a major trend to try new ways of wearing.

Take a long ride, or even directly fold the windbreaker, the length of the scattered wear out of the ordinary way of fashion. Or with a strong sense of fashion boots, leather pants and other items, but also to increase the down jacket wear fashion

In the appropriate season to wear appropriate clothes, only to wear warm, comfortable, to wear the United States. Only by dispersing the cold and isolating the desolation can flowers and hopes be nurtured.

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Post time: Dec-27-2023